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Energy Efficiency Engineering

who we are

Together, ETC Group and Vivid Energies work to deliver energy savings, improve aesthetics, and enhance overall building performance. Using decades of experience and industry knowledge, ETC Group and Vivid Energies have helped customers in healthcare, higher education, industrial applications, and numerous others to reach their energy management goals.  After partnering with ETC Group and Vivid Energies, customers can use lighting and smart building technology as a vehicle to improve efficiency, increase comfort, and financially impact their facilities.

our core value

ETC-Vivid is committed to using LED Solutions and Smart Building Technology as vehicles to improve efficiency, increase comfort, and financially impact the facilities of our customers.


Value Proposition

Wattage Reduction


What We Offer

Vivid Energies offers complete turnkey solutions that maximize savings for your unique facility. Their industry expertise and manufacture direct pricing set them apart from the competition and make your conversion to LED lighting easy and affordable.

During each phase of the project, Vivid Energies provides close personal support, including handling rebates. They guide you through the steps of lighting selection and manufacturing, and they take care not to interrupt your day-to-day operations during installation. They value their client relationships, and they consider your satisfaction to be their most important benchmark.

The experts at Vivid Energies have experience with a variety of buildings, from large warehouses to grocery stores to college campuses. No matter your particular needs, they have the skills and experience required to provide you with a bright, beautiful, and energy efficient space.

Why Work with Us

Vivid Energies is proud to have partnered with clients across the US to equip their buildings with LED lighting. Here is why they are so highly trusted by businesses like yours:

  • Clients save an average of 70% on their electric bill associated with lights, and their average return on investment is 18 months
  • LED lights can last 25 times longer and use 75% less energy than an incandescent bulb
  • Rebates are available in many cases to help subsidize the cost, and Vivid Energies handles the process for you if applicable
  • LED lights provide credits toward LEED certification and are a great step towards reaching your other sustainability goals
  • Vivid Energies manufactures their own lights and can customize them to meet a variety of needs, including color, direction, focusing, daylight saving, and occupancy sensors

About Vivid Energies

Vivid Energies is a family owned business that focuses on helping others find energy savings through LED solutions. Their knowledge of the industry allows them to provide top quality products at manufacture direct pricing. Because they manufacture our own lights, they can provide you with affordable, customized lighting solutions that meet the needs of your business.

If you’re interested in learning more about LED lighting solutions through ETC Group and Vivid Energies, please email us at