Success Stories and Best Practices for Monitoring-Based Commissioning

Energy Efficiency Engineering


University of Utah Josh Liechty
Monitoring-based Commissioning
energy efficiency engineer

Jim Sawka

Director – HVAC Operations, Maintenance & Energy Analysis

Brigham Young University

Josh Liechty

President District Facilities Coordinator

University of Utah

April Guymon, PE

MBCx Director

ETC Group

Jane Guyer, PE

VP of Account Management

ETC Group

  • The original webinar took place on Wednesday, October 13th, 2021, 11:00 am – 12:00 pm, MDT.


Why is everyone always talking about data? What is monitoring-based commissioning? The panelists, Jim Sawka (Brigham Young University), Josh Liechty (University of Utah), April Guymon, PE (ETC Group), and Jane Guyer, PE (ETC Group), will discuss how data revealed issues in their buildings they could not have found any other way, and why they have adjusted their mindset to data-driven decision making. Attendees will learn how to select a fault detection and diagnostic (FDD) data platform (it doesn’t have to be daunting), how data can resolve performance issues in eternally problematic systems, and how your decisions as a facility manager can be empowered by data. The other important piece of a monitoring-based commissioning program is successfully integrating it into your facility maintenance processes.


1. How to select an FDD (fault detection and diagnostic) platform.

2. Understand automated functional testing – the process of commanding equipment settings and assessing performance with data and KPIs.

3. The eternally problematic building solved with data.

4. Data driven decision making as a mindset, and integrating it to your maintenance process.

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