SkySpark software platform


Once a building has been brought into peak performance with commissioning or re-commissioning, the next goal is to keep it running at that level on a day-to-day basis. To make that happen, ETC Group works with the advanced technology of SkySpark building analytics software to provide Monitoring-Based Commissioning for your building.

What is SkySpark?

Skyfoundry’s SkySpark is the leading platform for collecting, organizing, and analyzing data from a building’s equipment and smart devices.

Skyfoundry’s SkySpark is the leading platform for collecting, organizing, and analyzing data from a building’s equipment and smart devices.

  • SkySpark gathers information about how all the connected systems in your building are operating and brings it to you in user-friendly, customizable reports. Some of the simpler SkySpark examples of information reporting could include data on light usage in unoccupied rooms, noting equipment issues such as a temp sensor failure or a fan that is short cycling, or monitoring daily consumption limits.
  • Not only does SkySpark offer a wide range of building analytics, with hundreds of options already available in its library, but it also is programmable for a customized approach to your data requirements. You can apply your own rules, algorithms, and KPIs. Whether you want to focus more on trends and deviations in energy usage or on your HVAC equipment’s performance, for example, the software can be programmed to meet your exact needs.
  • SkySpark software also offers advanced mathematical and machine learning capabilities. This can include statistical or trigonometric functions as well as calculus and time domain analysis. These functions can be helpful in situations when controlling multiple, complex environmental factors is essential, such as in industrial or agricultural settings.
  • It also relies on the highest level of industry-standard components. It provides compressed data through a high-performance Folio database. Its analytics rely on Project Haystack for semantic tagging, which means that it tags data with meaningful words and phrases to make the data identifiable. And it can connect and work with a long list of data acquisition connectors, including Obix, Sedona, and Haystack analytics, just to name a few.
  • All of this data collection can be completed from any smart device, equipment with sensors, or metered energy source that you have in your building. SkySpark can work with gas, electric, solar, coal, and more. It can also pull in information from Excel spreadsheets and export reports in Excel, as well as in multiple other formats such as PDF or SVG image, or CSV, XML, ZINC, and JSON formats.

Essentially, SkySpark connects effectively with the Internet of Things to pull together data and analyze it to show you what you need to know – or what SkySpark calls the “Sparks” and “things that matter.”

Who uses SkySpark? Over 15,000 buildings across verticals that include smart buildings, energy, industrial, retail, government, and healthcare are already using this software to optimize their buildings’ environment and performance.

What are the Benefits of Using SkySpark?


We can use SkySpark’s data in many ways to improve the performance of your building. To start with the basics, building automation analytics can help you identify trends that point to a need for a reset or identify the need for small adjustments or repairs that help improve and streamlines maintenance.

For example, data may uncover that on every Friday afternoon, your building has rooms that are unoccupied but still heated/cooled and lit for occupancy. Resetting automated lighting and thermostats for that area for Fridays could be an easy way to save money. Or it could be that rooms in your building are too hot or too cold because the cold and hot setpoints are going in the wrong direction. Simple fixes can make a big financial difference.

SkySpark’s software also pulls in performance data from smart devices and equipment in your building that can indicate minor repair needs. This can help identify minor performance issues before they become large problems. Staying on top of ongoing maintenance issues with this data can prevent more expensive repairs in the future. It can also help you keep your digital and mechanical systems and equipment performing at peak efficiency all the time, not just after new installation.

In addition to saving time by finding problems quickly and saving money from avoiding unneeded energy or maintenance expenditures, SkySpark’s data analysis can help keep your building more comfortable. And it can help ensure that functions that require controlled environmental conditions are not interrupted or negatively affected by incorrect temperatures or mechanical malfunctions.


Imagine how hard it would be to drive your car if you didn’t have ongoing systems reporting within your vehicle, such as the miles per gallon tracking that can help gauge your engine’s efficiency or the service engine light that lets you know when something needs checked. And those monitoring systems would be too difficult to use if you had to search the car to find them, or if they were not presented in such a visually impactful way.

Just like your car’s dashboard, SkySpark brings all your building’s data into one place, pulling it into one server to bring you extremely visual reporting options that highlight the exact information you need.

What is SkyFoundry?


SkyFoundry is a software development company that focuses on developing software for the “Internet of Things.” Founder Brian Frank previously helped found Tridium, where SkySpark’s co-founder, John Petze, served as CEO. Both men have a long history of working with building automations, energy management, and IoT software innovations, plus they have founded or been involved in several open source initiatives. SkyFoundry was launched in 2009.

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ETC Group is proud to partner with SkySpark to deliver high-quality performance monitoring. As your SkySpark distributor, we will work you with on implementation and any needed training, and we will continue to help you optimize this software’s potential for your building.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can work together to improve your building’s performance. Eliminate those peaks and valleys of performance that can increase utility and mechanical equipment costs over time. Let ETC and SkySpark keep your building’s systems running smoothly, provide increased comfort for occupants, and save you time and money.