Project Description

Project Details

“I’m proud to have been a part of such a successful project and amazing team of staff, consultants. and contractors.”
– C. Benson, Energy Manager at the University of Utah

University of Utah
J.W. Marriott Library


The library is the University’s premier student study center and houses Utah’s most highly insured archives. With 32 miles of shelving, it is an iconic resource for the entire state. Due to aging HVAC systems, the University undertook a controls upgrade project in order to address energy efficiency, to provide a comfortable environment for users, and to protect the library’s Special Collections. The library is comprised of offices, reading rooms, private study rooms, computer labs, a medical center, and a rare books collection vault.


Our commissioning process combines our company’s extensive energy efficiency expertise along with SkySpark® and BuildingFit™ analytics. We used analytics to commission 100% of the approximately 600 terminal units. This approach uncovered 200 issues, which the construction team was able to address, and led to the success of this project. A few of these issues included the following:

  • Special attention was paid to the building’s sporadic occupancy. It is now controlled with sensors, shifting air flow based on occupancy, resulting in fan and energy savings and maintaining comfort when areas are occupied.

  • Previously band-aided HVAC issues were resolved with valve and damper actuator replacements and improved controls.

  • Air handling unit control strategies were optimized resulting in building wide energy savings.

  • Controls graphics were fixed, allowing for future in-house monitoring