Project Description

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University of Utah

Henry Eyring Chemistry Building



The Chemistry building project is the first phase of a multi-phase effort to save facility energy usage throughout the University of Utah Campus, driven by the University’s commitment to the Better Buildings Challenge. The University hired ETC Group to commission the HVAC and control upgrades and then provide monitoring-based commissioning to optimize the new systems and identify issues throughout the warranty period.


Using SkySpark during commissioning, the agent found that the hot deck and cold deck air valves never went to zero flow, resulting in simultaneous heating and cooling = wasted energy! The air valve manufacturer re-programmed their firmware in response to actual performance recorded by SkySpark. The engineer of record recommended air flow reductions to achieve energy savings. Once implemented, SkySpark made air flow verification on 100% of the equipment easy and efficient. SkySpark helped the engineer document $386,000 per year in savings for the owner.

“ The data really helped to get the contractors and the manufacturer of the supply air valves to respond. They couldn’t argue about the issue because the data from SkySpark made it obvious what was happening.”
– Facility Manager