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Macau Casinos


We’ve deployed SkySpark in approximately 30 million square feet of casinos in Macau including two of the largest buildings in the world!


Connecting the Macau casinos to SkySpark in the cloud was not an option, so BuildingFit created a custom, on-premise functional diagnostic tool (FDT).

  • SkySpark is deployed on a stand-alone laptop that is connected to the Honeywell building automation system (BAS).

  • Data is pulled from the BAS through a custom connector (also powered by BuildingFit).

  • In addition to our standard analytical package, BuildingFit developed custom analytics for each facility specifically designed to test their unique sequences of operations.

  • A report is generated that identifies Sparks and KPIs.

  • Operators review the report and create work orders to fix issues.

Using the FDT has streamlined operation and maintenance for casino operators. It has saved countless hours of facility maintenance time while allowing them to optimize system operation to save energy, money, and improve occupant comfort.