Project Description

Project Details

University of Utah
Henry Eyring Chemistry Building



Driven by their commitment to the Better Buildings Challenge the University of Utah engaged in a multi-phase effort to increase energy efficiency throughout campus. The project at the chemistry building included a control retrofit converting the 100% outside air constant volume HVAC system to variable volume. With ETC Group commissioning the controls retrofit, the project resulted in:

  • Energy and money savings

  • Reduced O&M costs

  • Safe operation

  • Longer equipment life


ETC Group’s commissioning process combines our energy efficiency expertise with a deployment of SkySpark, having the following benefits:

  • Every data point is visible in “real time”

  • Custom analytics tests equipment every 15 minutes, and

  • Every air valve and terminal unit is commissioned


The highest priority was ensuring the safety and sensitive environmental control of the 145 laboratories in the building. ETC identified 195 issues by utilizing data from SkySpark. One of these clearly identified control issues was heating and cooling cycling. Reprogramming of the air valve controller resulted in stable operation, while reducing maintenance and elongating equipment life. Another primary issue was laboratory safety, where maintaining negative pressure in a laboratory is critical. As a solution, supply airflow limits were established to assure the proper levels were achieved.