Project Description

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Intermountain Healthcare


With energy costs on the rise, Intermountain Healthcare (IH) focused their efforts on improving its energy program to reduce its total energy spend. ETC Group was engaged to:

  • Improve the energy efficiency and operation of their facilities through audits and assessments,

  • Identify cost-effective energy efficiency measures, and

  • Implement the identified strategies and tactics.


We worked with IH to develop a long-term energy management plan as well as create an infrastructure to measure success. The core of the overall policy was to:

  • Build energy teams

    • Energy Management Department (in-house resource)
    • Energy Management Council (monthly meeting )
    • Sustainability Council (Green Teams)
  • Track, measure and report facility energy consumption

    • Benchmark (Energy Star)
    • Develop facility energy use profile
  • Evaluate energy supply agreements

  • Complete a greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions inventory

  • Develop equipment performance specifications

  • Commissioning/Recommissioning standards for new construction

  • Staff training/education

    • Energy Champion(s) recognition
    • In-house energy awareness/behavior campaigns
    • Annual Energy Symposium
    • ETC Group training sessions (AHU operation, zonal scheduling, steam humidification, etc.)