Project Description

Project Details

Banner Health University Medical Center Cx

This project includes a new emergency department, operating rooms, office space, a 12-story patient tower, and central utility plant expansion including new generators, boilers (steam and hot water), chillers, pumps, and heat exchangers.

ETC Group’s commissioning approach utilizes data visualization and analytics in parallel with on-site functional testing. The analytics integrate to the building control system and allows the ETC commissioning team to easily access building performance data. Leveraging this data access and custom analytics we can quickly identify and troubleshoot issues. Banner Health maintains a large analytics deployment and has dedicated analytics servers located in the Banner data center. It has subsequently been rolled out to all Banner campuses.


  • HVAC systems
    • Central utility plant expansion – new steam boilers, steam to hot water boiler conversion, new chiller, cooling tower, associated pumps and controls
    • Heat exchangers (HW and CHW) associated pumps and controls
    • Humidification
    • Air handling units and terminal equipment (VAV boxes and radiant panels)
    • Exhaust fans (general and isolation)
    • Fan coils, Split systems, Computer room air conditioning units
  • Lighting
    • Occupancy sensors, Daylighting
    • Electrical service and distribution:
    • Power monitoring
    • Normal power distribution panels
  • Emergency power system
    • Generators, paralleling gear, fuel systems, switchgear, ATS’s, UPS
  • Domestic hot water
    • Heat exchanger, pumps and controls
  • Building automation system
    • Linkages to remote monitoring and control sites and integration to other systems


ETC Group’s commissioning process combines our energy efficiency expertise with a deployment of SkySpark, having the following benefits:

  • Every data point is visible in “real time”

  • Custom analytics tests equipment every 15 minutes, and

  • Every air valve and terminal unit is commissioned