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Banner Health Turnkey MBCx



In 2010 ETC Group began working with Banner Health to implement retro re-commissioning (ReCx) projects for multiple facilities, achieving significant energy savings. Over time, performance drift on past ReCx projects eroded much of the savings that had been achieved. It was also important to ensure Banner facilities would deliver comfortable environments for patients and staff as well as maintain compliance and improve reliability of critical systems. Banner adopted an enterprise-wide approach to energy savings and organized an energy management team and a remote operations center (ROC). Banner’s ROC and ETC Group collaborated to focus on maintaining cost and energy savings, while meeting environmental and compliance standards across more facilities.


ETC Group introduced a monitoring-based commissioning (MBCx) program that was piloted at the Banner Thunderbird medical center in Phoenix. Significant annual savings was achieved for this initial pilot, including $449,000 in lower energy costs, and energy savings of 4.7 million kwh and 13,600 dtherms.

To eliminate performance drift and proactively address energy savings on a broader level, Banner and ETC Group created a system that would be replicated across Banner’s facilities. Banner’s energy management team and ROC worked with ETC Group to monitor, analyze, and enact plans to maximize energy savings. The consolidated communications and shifting the mindset from project-based work to a turnkey approach with ETC Group has accelerated Banner’s ability to identify issues and enact change.


The program leverages advanced MBCx tools such as BuildingFit™, SkySpark®, and ClimaCheck®, a powerful smart building analytics and visualization tool. A custom reporting dashboard was also developed by ETC Group and BuildingFit™ to meet Banner’s unique needs. These tools and analytics make energy efficiency efforts more agile to reach greater energy savings faster, all while establishing new systems for better environmental and compliance controls.

”Working with ETC Group has delivered tremendous success for Banner Health. The people we’ve worked with are insanely obsessed and passionate about their work – most importantly they are innovative problem-solvers.”

Shawn Mathiesen, ROC Manager, Banner Health