ETC Group and Banner Health Awarded 2019 Largest Energy Saver: Single Project

Efficiency Works Business held its fourth annual service provider appreciation social celebrating another successful year of projects. ETC Group was among those honored during the contributor awards ceremony, earning the 2019 Efficiency Works Largest Energy Saver: Single Project Award.

“We’re incredibly proud of the work we’ve accomplished at Banner Health, and — more importantly — the energy savings we’re able to provide as a result of these efforts,” said Bryan Lang, an ETC Group Energy Engineer. “Banner Health is an excellent partner. With the local staff’s expert knowledge of the facility and collaboration from Banner’s energy management team, we were able to adjust system operating bounds and response mechanisms to use significantly less energy without compromising safety, compliance, or comfort.”

As a part of the program, Efficiency Works issued a rebate of more than $85,000, and the estimated energy costs savings totaled about $180,000 per year, roughly a 30% reduction.

ETC Group stood out from the crowd of 120 participating energy efficiency service providers in The City of Fort Collins, which includes other notable consumers such as Intel, Broadcom, HP, Budweiser, Odell Brewing, New Belgium Brewery, and Colorado State University.

“Efficiency Works is always excited to honor companies that are doing exceptional work in the energy efficiency field,” said Adam Zipperer, energy solutions engineer at Efficiency Works. “We can’t wait to see more energy savings innovations from the team at ETC Group that will help the customers in our owner communities achieve their sustainability and energy efficiency goals, all while reducing operating expenses.”

The 2019 Efficiency Works Largest Energy Saver: Single Project Award is a true testament to ETC Group’s accomplishments in achieving exceptional energy savings for building managers across all industries. As the team looks ahead in 2020, ETC Group is excited to bring even more innovations in energy efficiency commissioning to promote a more sustainable future. To learn more about ETC Group’s energy efficiency engineering services, peruse our service offerings or contact our team today!