Since 2015, ETC Group and our energy efficiency engineers have provided technical training for the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF)’s Climate Corps Fellow Program. For seven years in a row, Jane Guyer, PE, has provided the EDF training and BuildingFit’s Jeff Cheek, a Climate Corps alumni himself, volunteered as a mentor this year. Other energy efficiency engineers, Greg Schlegel and Bryan Lang, also provided training in the past.

Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) Climate Corps Fellow Program 3

The Environmental Defense Fund is a non-profit organization who promotes environmentally conscious decisions at the executive level in large corporations. Their Climate Corps Program is a 10-12 week summer fellowship program that aims to cultivate the next generation of sustainability professionals and to accelerate climate solutions in corporate level. Each year, EDF selects and trains about 120 graduate students and matches them with leading organizations to advance clean energy projects and strategies in the corporation’s operations and supply chains.

Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) Climate Corps Fellow Program 1

“The whole thing is inspiring to me,” says Jane Guyer, ETC Group’s VP of Account Management/Principal Engineer. “Super smart graduate students have chosen a sustainability or energy efficiency path, and corporations value it. It makes me feel like our industry has an amazing future.”


More than 450 organizations have participated Climate Corps to design practical, cost-effective solutions to energy-related challenges including energy efficiency, renewable energy, energy management strategy, and more. Since 2008, fellows have identified more than $1.6 billion in energy saving projects.


To find out more about the Environmental Defense Fund and their Climate Corps Fellow Program, visit here