Through the challenges we faced in 2020, ETC Group remained focused on our team and our common goal: to help our clients and community save energy by delivering energy engineering solutions. We continued to achieve considerable energy savings for our clients that will exert positive impact for years to come. We have welcomed a new president of the company, extended employee benefits, launched a new client satisfaction program, and celebrated some exciting recognitions externally. Here are some highlights we would like to share.

Finding Opportunity in Adversity

As the COVID-19 pandemic arrived, ETC Group quickly kept our team members and family safe by encouraging all team members to work remotely when possible and by implementing precautions for travel to client sites and safe entry/seating requirements for those remaining in the office. By anticipating the financial difficulties, ETC Group was able to maintain the existing team members through the challenging times, and even added a couple team members towards the end of 2020.

ETC Group is committed to providing employee-centric culture and striving to create a work environment with work and life balance. Recent Paid Time Off benefit offering includes a Flexible Time Off plan in an effort to allow employees to take personal time to foster a work environment of trust and support.

Our commitment to our clients continued unchanged. Jane Guyer, PE, Vice President of Client Relations and Account Management, launched a new program focusing on client satisfaction and customer-centric culture. Through this Account Management program, ETC group is committed to improve the quality of our service based on productive feedback from our clients. For more details on the Account Management program, visit here.

ETC Group also welcomed a new leadership. Glen Anderson, PE, has been promoted to ETC Group’s President. “I am excited to continue the legacy of Mark and Patti Case to drive innovation in our industry. I am excited by the accomplishments of our people on our customers.  I look forward to ETC’s continued growth of delivering energy solutions,” says Glen. For more details on Glen’s promotion, read our blog here.


Our dedicated work and talented people were recognized by various organizations and media.

Following are some of the accomplishments made by individuals and the company.

Hopeful for 2021

In the midst of a global pandemic, ETC Group found new ways to step forward as an industry leader and ensure the continuity of our technical and professional excellence. While quickly adapting plans to meet changes in our work environment and customer needs, we remained focused on our core values by making positive changes for our people and clients.

As we enter a new year, we are proud of these awards and achievements, but we are hopeful to build on our successes in 2021 and beyond.