What is Building Commissioning Services?


Building Commissioning Services is a systematic process of assuring new buildings are kept under optimal operating conditions as designed. Through verification and documentation, building commissioning services offer an additional layer of protection for the building owner and ensures the successful completion and maintenance of project are achived. Commissioning a building allows all facility systems perform interactively in accordance with the design documentation and intent, and in accordance with the Owner’s operational needs, including preparation of operation personnel.

ETC Group’s Building Commissioning (Cx) service is a quality-focused process designed to support high performance buildings. Our commissioning services for new construction ensures all equipment and systems are commissioned per design intent and plans through coordination and testing.



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We are passionate about saving energy and making a difference for our clients. Because it’s the right thing to do and because it makes sense. Why waste? Why waste your TIME and your MONEY when there are technologies that exist to DRASTICALLY REDUCE THE ENERGY USED BY YOUR commercial building?


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Why Do I Need Building Commissioning Services?

Buildings today include more technology with complicated systems. This is why, across the building industry, building commissioning has become an essential part of new building projects—to ensure buildings are installed and operated as to its maximum performance as intended. This is where building commissioning agents come in. Fixing performance issues during the construction phase of a project is cheaper than solving problems after they occur. It is not uncommon to hear stories of many years of wasted energy, money and occupant discomfort by skipping this important step. New Building commissioning also has a very low payback period of less than 5 years because building commissioning consists mostly on inspection, analysis, control adjustments and low-cost fixes without big expenses.

What Are Benefits for ETC Group’s Commissioning Services?

Through building commissioning, you are able to save energy, to reduce operating costs, to deliver safe, comfortable, and compliant environment, and to extend equipment life and maintenance. You will have reduced contractor callbacks, improved occupant productivity/comfort and verify all systems are performing in accordance with the owner’s project requirements. Furthermore, the owners have better baseline data through detailed review and documentation process. Engage your building commissioning agent in early design phrase for the greatest return on investment!

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What is ETC Group’s Phased Commissioning Processes?


Why Do I Choose ETC Group for Building Commissioning?

For over 32 years, ETC Group has been driven by a mission to improve building systems to maximize a facility’s potential. We understand buildings are more than places—these are spaces where people meet, work, entertain, and live. Ensuring comfortable and healthy environment has been our highest priority and we have developed procedures and processes to ensure that the owners are delivered a safe, comfortable, reliable and energy- and cost- efficient facility.

ETC Group has experience of more than 12 million square feet of new construction building commissioning work including critical spaces. We have a proven track record of quality service and results, and the foundation of the success is in our building commissioning agents. We believe building commissioning agents are not just technicians, but also an owner’s mediator and representative. Our building commissioning agents work seamlessly with the owners and design/construction teams ensuring to bring the team together under a collective goal. Building commissioning agents make sure commissioning proceeds smoothly as planned in a timely manner, set clearly define responsibilities, and deliver thorough and detailed reporting and information.

We are problem solvers. We don’t stop at identifying issues but use our deep-rooted engineering experience in design, functional testing and mechanical issues in existing buildings to provide simple and clearly defined solutions.

  • Customized approach including services and equipment that are important to you.
  • Efficiency-focused design reviews leverage our years of experience working with building owners and developers to get their buildings running right
  • Controls emphasis in all of our projects, including new construction. From scrutiny during design, through shop drawing and submittal review into functional testing, we’ve got you covered.
  • Whether move-in or seasonal changes,we stay engaged during the warranty period and beyond to help you work through building “burn-in” issues.
  • SkySpark analytics – We incorporate SkySpark into our commission process early. We use it from point-to- point through our optimization services, allowing us to focus our efforts where they are needed most.

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