ClimaCheck’s October 2016 newsletter announced ETC Group, through US distributor EES (Sean McCaffery), is a new Evaluation Partner in the United States and Asia. ETC is proud of this partnership and has found the thermodynamic analysis made possible by ClimaCheck invaluable. ETC engineers use ClimaCheck to provide Chiller Performance Analysis (ChPA)In the past, chillers were considered a “black box” and it was difficult to determine their performance. With ClimaCheck, operating chillers can be analyzed once or continuously for performance and efficiency.  

ETC’s ChPA service fills a gap between chiller maintenance and operation. Using key performance indicators (KPIs), our analysis determines specific tuning actions to improve chiller operation to originally specified performance. Most chillers do not operate optimally which contributes to equipment wear and energy waste. Considering chillers account for 15-30% of a building’s energy use, clients find this service invaluable. The fact that your chiller is running, does not mean it is efficient and ETC’s ChPA service reduces energy cost and improves reliability.