The Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) announced that Bryan Lang, PE, Senior Energy Engineer at ETC Group, has been selected for the 2020 International Young Energy Professional of the Year Award. Each year, AEE recognizes the important work that is being done in energy by individuals, organizations, agencies and coprorations. 

Bryan was recently recognized by his coworkers as the one that most inspires those around him to improve energy efficiency, by bringing savings to his clients and impacting the planet. 

Bryan’s responsibilities at ETC Group are the analysis and identification of energy efficiency opportunities. The results for his contribution are reflected quantitatively. The real savings for his clients in 2019 were $1,442,000 ($857,000 – directly responsible; $585,000 – supervised). He designed and implemented the Largest Single Energy Saving Project for EnergyWorks in Ft. Collins, Colorado. His project experience is diverse in building type as well as project scope. Bryan has assisted ETC Group with the continuous improvement and development of system and measure analysis tools and has experience with the EnergyStar benchmarking program, chiller plant diagramming, and equipment test design. Bryan is passionate about environmental responsibility and energy savings in all parts of life.

In his acceptance speech at the virtual award ceremony on Wednesday, October 14, 2020, Bryan acknowledged ETC Group and its partner Banner. “Thank you to my friends over at Banner Health for letting me learn how best to operate systems in your buildings and save some energy along the way, and for all the fun and difficult times we had learning those lessons how to operate certain HVAC systems.”

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