Brent Grimm, PE, PMP, ETC Group’s Energy Engineer, is invited to give a technical presentation, entitled “Operating with Persistence: Monitoring-Based Commissioning and HVAC Analytics,” at Cx Energy Virtual on April 22, 2021. Brent’s presentation is sponsored by BuildingFit. Read the program abstract and Learning Objectives below:

PROGRAM ABSTRACT: This presentation explores the application of HVAC Analytics on energy efficiency projects, which previously would have been at risk for persistence. Equipment and its operation will degrade over time without a cost-effective means of monitoring and a staff structure to make improvements and help good performance persist. Using data, rolled up to key performance indicators (kpis), to monitor performance allows staff to easily assure systems are not drifting out of optimal performance. Analytics serves another viable role for an organization by informing design of new systems and equipment replacements. And finally, analytics readily support Environmental Health and Safety requirements; another critical aspect of building performance.

We will talk about how owners are thinking about and responding to known barriers, including lessons learned, and steps being taken to address them.


  1. Structuring an organization in a way that benefits from HVAC analytics software and monitoring-based commissioning services. Being flexible as these services evolve.
  2. Using analytics software and MBCx services to:
    1. Support Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) efforts
    2. Focus manpower efforts to improve occupant comfort
    3. Reduce operating costs
    4. Improve equipment reliability
  3. Identify operational needs (resources, funding) to respond to findings of monitoring based commissioning
  4. Discuss best practices in leveraging MBCx services with modern data analytics softweare to address compliance and occupant comfort

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