Having taken on the role as the new president of ETC Group this past year, I wanted to take this opportunity to connect with you, our customers, partners, and vendors, to highlight some of our successes during 2018, including the growth of our software division, BuildingFit™, and to look forward to a very promising 2019. None of this is possible without you, so let’s celebrate together!  

ETC Group President, Spencer Shaffer

We are furthering our expertise within the healthcare industry as we jump into deeper-dive retro-commissioning and monitoring-based commissioning projects at 18 healthcare campuses in the Mountain West region. This is a perfect example of ETC Group utilizing our own BuildingFit™ technology to deliver documented energy and cost-savings success on a massive scale.  In 2018, we’ve delivered 26,150,415 kWh and 172,026 Dth of energy savings, saving our client nearly $4.5 million per year! 

Speaking of massive scale, we helped a client identify over $3 million in annual savings through a retro-commissioning process in their medical device manufacturing plants. That was just the beginning as we continue to work with them in their locations across the globe. Sometimes, it’s the “simple” things that can make a huge difference – in two of their locations, we discovered they were working to cool rooms while inadvertently still running the heater! That alone was costing each site more than $15,000 per month. What’s your “simple” fix that we can help you with? 

We also hit a milestone in our BuildingFit division, managing over 500,000 SkySpark® points. We continue to grow our reach with BuildingFit and SkySpark.  Stay tuned in 2019 as we roll out many exciting new developments to our BuildingFit offering and team.  

2018 was a great year for ETC Group! Our Arizona office has relocated to an office double its size to accommodate the 5 new employees we hired in Arizona, not to mention the 12 new employees in our Salt Lake City headquarters.  

We’re also present in Las Vegas, NV with new office space and several large projects in the public, hotel-casino and higher education sectors.  

This is an exciting time to be joining this industry and I am grateful to all of our clients, past, current and future, to be on the forefront of facilities management with us. IoT has changed everything and BuildingFit keeps at the forefront of all of it. What I am continually awed by is the depth of experience and knowledge that this company and its employees possess. If you’ve already had the opportunity to work with us, I hope that we’ve awed you as well. If we are embarking on a project, know that this is our aim. Not to awe you for our sake, but for furthering your missions of increased efficiency – to serve both you and our planet – and increased cost savings for the long-term vitality of your overall objectives.  

Here’s to you and us, the collective, in 2019 and beyond! 

Spencer Shaffer


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Contact Spencer Shaffer at sshaffer@etcgrp.com or check out his LinkedIn profile here!