Monitoring & Analytics


You have a Fitbit to track your physical activity, but what about a tracker for your building? Our engineers are experts using SkySpark to monitor operational data to detect energy waste and lock-in performance (and savings) over time. We offer a collection of Monitoring & Analytics related services that can be employed separately or used together to achieve maximum operational and energy performance.

Monitor: Deploy SkySpark (on-site or hosted cloud service) and connect to your facility's systems and devices

Discover: Sift through operational data using our analytics package to identify a 'hit-list' of evidence-based energy performance opportunities

Upgrade: Work with qualified contractors to reprogram, replace or recalibrate your building equipment, as well as verify the upgrades function as intended

Verify:  Validate your equipment's performance and quantify savings

Optimize: Actively review operational data and provide reporting with key performance indicators, status updates for ongoing projects and new savings opportunities.

We also offer custom Software Development and Advanced Analytics (machine-learning algorithms and predictive models) services to fit your needs.




Example: A broken AHU economizer is easy to spot when you have the data! Trends indicated energy waste of ($28,600 annually) from simultaneous heating (red) and cooling (blue), as well as damper cycling (green).