Industrial Efficiency


BIG Equipment = BIG Savings!

Industry uses about one-third of all energy consumed in the United States which also means there are great opportunities for energy efficiency and savings. Our industrial experience includes the following:

  • Fan systems, blowers, bag houses, induced draft and forced draft systems, exhaust and material handling
  • Pump systems, process pumping, cooling and heating systems and de-watering
  • Lighting
  • Refrigeration, cold storage, process cooling, ammonia systems, ice builders, etc.
  • Process heating, steam systems, furnaces, boilers, autoclaves and heat treatment
  • Motors and motor driven systems, conveyors, material handling
  • Compressed air systems

Our industrial efficiency engineers are leaders in their field and actively participate in the Southwest Energy Efficiency Project, U.S. DOE CHP Technical Assistance Partnership and the Utah Energy Efficiency & Conservation Plan - Industrial Committee.