Jane will be touting the benefits of RCx and Energy Audits 201 at AEE Nevada Chapter's February Lunch

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1 years ago

Jane Guyer is known for ability to make energy efficiency solutions accessible and fun! Fortunately for Nevadans, she will be presenting at AEE Nevada's February lunches (Las Vegas 2/24 and Reno 2/25). Topics include recommissioning and energy audits with an emphasis on low cost solutions. This is a MUST for building operators and owners looking to improve their building's energy efficiency and save money.

According to the EPA, Recommissioning (ReCx) is arguably the most cost-effective strategy for reducing energy, costs, and greenhouse gas emissions in commercial buildings today. Studies have shown a median whole building energy savings of 16% with a 1.1 year simple payback and cash-on-cash return of 91%.”

Since starting at ETC Group in 2007, Jane has provided energy efficiency solutions to the healthcare, higher education, casino and governmental sectors. The highlight of those services is implementation, where the claims of an audit get played out and energy savings are actually realized. Recommissioning and energy project implementation have provided her with comprehensive real building experience. Many of the facilities featured in her presentation have undergone a multiple-year recommissioning effort, enabling deeper energy-use analysis and more creative energy efficiency solutions. Jane’s work has added extensive building control system programming expertise at ETC Group, enabling in-house optimization of equipment operation sequences.

In June 2014, Jane presented an introduction to retro-commissioning (RCx 101) for AEE-Nevada. This time she is providing a more in-depth perspective with this RCx 201, focusing on new and favorable techniques in the energy efficiency industry. She will also touch on water savings, the benefits and incentives available to Nevada customers. Click HERE to learn more!