Jane Guyer speaks at the 2015 Intermountain Sustainability Summit

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2 years ago

Jane Guyer kicked-off the Energy Track with a presentation on the Top 10 Low-Cost Ways You Can Save Energy in Your Buildings. The presentation is based on engineering rigor and designed for all levels of audience understanding. Jane details a visual breakdown of how buildings use energy, including the why and how low-cost, energy efficiency measures add up to big savings. Each measure is explained in layman's terms and supported by engineering data collected on actual projects. Jane Guyer is a registered Professional Engineer in three states and started with the ETC Group in 2007. She is responsible for energy analysis, cost and savings analysis, audits, field work and implementation for energy saving projects workingd extensively in the healthcare, higher education and entertainment sectors.

The annual Intermountain Sustainability Summit aims to bring together civic leaders, sustainability professionals, businesses, educators, students, and interested public together to learn, network, and develop new strategies for implementing sustainability in homes and businesses. Weber State University organized and hosted the two day event highlighting Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, Air Quality and Pollution, Water Quality and Conservation, Recycling and Waste Reduction, and Sustainable Food and Agriculture. We are proud to support them!

Watch her presentation here!