Energy Audits and Management


Energy Audits

Energy Audits are a great way to start understanding where your facility uses energy and how to reduce waste.

  • Establish a Baseline:  Determine how your building is performing and which building systems to target for improvement.

  • Take Action:  Get detailed recommendations to improve performance, project financials and recommended next steps.

ETC engineers are experienced with energy systems in wide array of facilities, from large to small.  We also work in industrial facilities to evaluate and optimize fans, pumps, compressed air, chillers, refrigeration, controls, process cooling, process heating, boilers and steam systems, combined heat and power and various manufacturing processes.

​​Energy Management

Whether you have one building or a portfolio, energy use has a huge impact on your bottom line. We provide energy management consulting including;

  • Long-term capital investment planning

  • Investment trade-off analysis and optimization of new energy investments​

  • Annual corporate energy cost reduction assistance with advice on securing tax credits, beneficial agency designations and public recognition

  • Energy management support at the corporate, facility and system levels

  • Technical and management quality assurance support to owners with Energy Savings Performance Contracts

  • Training for owners and staff on identification and evaluation of opportunities to maintain optimal system performance