Chiller Performance Analysis

Chiller Performance Analysis

Chillers are often a facility's biggest load and historically, weren't cost-effective to test during operation. ETC Group's Chiller Performance Analysis service provides insight into operational performance with a clear path to reduce the unnecessarily high operating costs of refrigeration/air-conditioning systems.

Our analysis uses thermodynamic evaluation via a non-invasive performance analysis tool, ClimaCheck. This approach allows engineers to quickly capture live operational data, analyze performance and recommend efficiency improvements. Based on our experience, 60% of chillers can improve efficiency by at least 10%.

Typically, ten temperature and pressure sensors are attached while the chiller is in operation. We command the system to full load and collect data. We analyze the kW/ton, capacity, compressor efficiency, approach temperatures and other vital performance parameters. We offer temporary or permanent installation and monitoring.


  • Increased efficiency
  • Increased reliability and reduced equipment wear
  • Lower operating and maintenance expenses
  • Reduced CO2 emissions
  • Attractive ROI

Chiller Comparison – Refrigerant level affects power consumption


Do some chillers perform better for seemingly unknown reasons? This graphic shows analysis from an actual project where low refrigerant was causing Chiller 6’s compressor to work harder to satisfy the same cooling load, causing equipment wear and wasted energy.


Chiller Comparison – Low condenser flow is inefficient


Deep chiller diagnostics give us visibility in to operation. By increasing condenser flow, we reduced power by 80kW.