Our People and Culture

Our people are our most important asset.  Excellent people enable us to deliver financially successful projects, allowing us to invest in our people and culture.

Quality of our staff:

  • Our staff is above average in commitment, drive and intelligence; indeed, many are exceptional. They are here because they are motivated by the same things: meaningful, challenging and interesting work where they are supported in seeking mastery.
  • Our key people are experts at what they do. They are persistent, flexible, dedicated, and hardworking. They think strategically, always striving to improve and grow. They are known and respected by their peers.
  • We support our industry by sharing our knowledge and expertise through speaking, publishing, and contributing to technical societies and energy efficiency related organizations
  • We have a leadership role in technical, policy, advocacy, and client communities.
  • We get along; we pull together and enjoy our time at work. There is a great deal of mutual respect.

What we do for our people:

  • We pay above average wages.
  • Our culture emphasizes excellence, learning and self-improvement which is supported with both money and opportunities.
  • We address work-life balance by matching expectations and commitment to compensation.  We acknowledge that some people want to put in long hours, while others want more personal time.
  • We have a high-energy, open work space. The cubes are gone, beer thirty is back.  There are games, events and gatherings that bring people together outside of the normal workday building a sense of community.