Building Commissioning

“Recommissioning (ReCx) is arguably the most cost-effective strategy for reducing energy, costs, and greenhouse gas emissions in commercial buildings today.  Studies have shown a median whole building energy savings of 16% with a 1.1 year simple payback and cash-on-cash return of 91%.” - EPA website



Our building commissioning services are focused on improving building performance while reducing energy waste. We identify low-cost improvements that improve user comfort and building control, as well as save energy .

  • Establish Baseline: measure and document building performance
  • Inspect Building Systems: Get equipment information and perform functional tests
  • Identify and Improve: Address control and mechanical deficiencies with appropriate solutions 
  • Enhance Control: Modify control sequences or direct control system programming (from set-points and scheduling to advanced control strategies)
  • Share Knowledge: Train operators on the commissioned systems to protect and maintain optimized performance.

New Construction Commissioning

Wouldn't it be great to know that your new project is engineered for efficiency BEFORE groundbreaking? We work with your design and construction team to specify and install equipment/materials that work together and use less energy. 

  • Equipment Specification
  • Control Sequence Design
  • New Construction Commissioning
  • LEED NC Services
  • Measurement and Verification